At ParadigmShift Law, our mission is finding creative and efficient ways for computer, communications, Web and software companies to validate their business models and to navigate the labyrinth of legal and regulatory barriers impacting innovation. We handle sophisticated work for sophisticated companies, operating close to our business principals, bridging the too-often wide gap between outside counsel and corporate strategic objectives. Our clients typically serve highly regulated industries including financial services, life sciences, telecommunications, media and consumer services, requiring complex compliance regimes across several different legal and regulatory domains — work that doesn’t lend itself to in-house hiring.

disruption_aheadParadigmShift also aims to innovate the practice of business law. We are built on the premise that the current law firm model is broken. Modern AmLaw 100 firms still have high overhead requirements and cost structures, a vestige of the days when clients needed the reassurance of expensive offices, artwork and conference rooms. Large contingents of associate lawyers handle most of the day-to-day work, which defeats the purpose of hiring an experienced law firm partner. In today’s environment, clients instead are looking for lower and predictable cost structures for outside counsel and more immediate access to partner-level expertise.

Think ATMs and online transactions instead of bank offices; the same disruptive changes are steadily developing in the legal profession. Experts increasingly recognize that the legal industry presents “real and significant opportunity for startups.” ParadigmShift Law aims to lead in this ongoing restructuring of legal services in the United States. Our decades of relationships also support international transactions and compliance, from the European Union to developing world competition regulation. By leveraging cloud technology and distance-insensitive modern digital communications, ParadigmShift can provide a level of service and client-centric responsiveness that is simply unavailable from traditional legal organizations.